Achievement App Freelance Project

This freelancing project I completed for Achievement involved copywriting and image research for Facebook and Instagram advertisements with the goal of getting African American individuals ages 18-65+ to sign up for an account and/or download the app.


Left AF Facebook

While working at ActionSprout, I managed and ran ads on Left AF's Facebook page, which has close to 10,000 followers.

Harry Styles Social Media Audit & Proposal

For my final intern project at Weller Media Agency, I did a complete social media audit and marketing proposal for Harry Styles. I presented this proposal to the London, New York and Los Angeles branches of WMA.

Views From the Couch YouTube Channel

While working at ActionSprout, I helped start a new LGBTQ+-focused YouTube channel and used Google Ads and Google Analytics to run paid campaigns and track performance.


Versa Media Instagram

During my time working at ActionSprout, the company pivoted to a news company called Versa Media. I pitched stories and created content for Versa Media's national Instagram.


Versa Kentucky- Instagram, Facebook, & Twitter

While working at ActionSprout, I ran Versa Media's Kentucky Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter (no longer exists) accounts. This included creating platform-specific content, pitching stories, and running ads on the accounts.


With producers Colin Krabbe, Shannon Sankey and Lauren Langdon, I helped create a multimedia package about a disabled lawyer living in Columbia, Missouri and the struggles he faces working, living and paying for his medical care.

Peggy Jean's Pies: Like Mother, Like Daughter

When Jeanne Plumley decided to reopen Peggy Jean's Pies in Columbia after 10 years, she enlisted the help of her daughter, Rebecca Miller. Both Miller and Plumley share what it's like to work so closely with a family member and what the business means to them. I created this video with producers Rayna Sims and Katie Blechinger.


I made this video about Astronobeads, a space-themed jewelry company run by Mizzou student Bea Doheny, in order to highlight a small business in my college town.

Japanese Pacifism Under Attack: Kenneth McElwain Highlight Video

Article 9 of Japan's constitution renounces war and prohibits an army. In this highlight video I created for Global Journalist's Facebook page, Kenneth McElwain, Associate Professor of Political Science at the University of Tokyo, weighs in on how this pacifist constitution may change with the election of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

China's Internet Addiction: Marcella Szablewicz Audiogram

Many parents worry about their children's internet usage. In China, internet addiction is seen as a rampant problem, with cities full of "internet cafes" teeming with young men who play online games for hours on end. In this audiogram I created for Global Journalist's Facebook page, Marcella Szablewicz, Assistant Professor of Communication Studies at Pace University, discusses how the media may be affecting this controversial issue.

India's Air Pollution Crisis: Santosh Harish Highlight Video

According to the World Health Organization, India has 13 of the world’s 25 most polluted cities. In 2015, British medical journal The Lancet reported that 1.1 million Indians died prematurely from diseases caused by air pollution. In this highlight video I created for Global Journalist's Facebook page, Santosh Harish, Associate Director of the Energy Policy Institute at the University of Chicago's India program, discusses the underlying causes of the country's recently worsened air pollution crisis.

India's Air Pollution Crisis: Jyoti Pande Lavakare Highlight Video

In this social media video I created for Global JournalJyoti Pande Lavakare, co-founder and president of the advocacy group Care for Air, explains why she thinks India's air pollution problem is not being taken seriously.

Global Journalist: North Korea's Women's Rights

North Korea is a highly patriarchal society, and although there aren’t reliable statistics on North Korean society, a recent Human Rights Watch report said that domestic violence, sexual harassment and sexual assault are rarely punished in North Korea. North Korean women are also more likely to flee the country than men, and they are often victims of human trafficking and forced marriages in neighboring China. With assistant producers Rayna Sims, Ailean Beaton and Edom Kassaye, I helped create this show for Global Journalist about the plight of women in North Korea.

Editorial Analytics Report for the Columbia Missourian

This is a monthly social media analytics report that I compiled for the Columbia Missourian, which is the main local newspaper for Columbia, Missouri. I used statistical insight to provide recommendations for the newspaper on how to improve social reach and engagement.


ActionSprout- Twitter & LinkedIn

I ran ActionSprout's Twitter and LinkedIn accounts while working at the company.

Sample Monthly Digital Channel Management Report for Urban Cone

While interning at WMA, I created monthly reports about each of the LA office's clients. This included keeping track of their monthly social media statistics for various platforms, providing feedback for marketing improvement and analyzing data for audience optimization.

Global Journalist: Japanese Pacifism Under Attack

As an assistant producer for Global Journalist, a TV/radio show on international issues, I conduct background research, search for and pre-interview guests and create slideshows/graphics used during shows. This is a show about how Japan's pacifist constitution may change following the election of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe that I produced with Rayna Sims, Ailean Beaton and Edom Kassaye.

Japanese Pacifism Under Attack: Andrew Gordon Highlight Video

Japan has the world's oldest unamended constitution. Professor Andrew Gordon discusses the history of this pacifist constitution and what Shinzo Abe's victory may mean for its future. As an assistant producer for Global Journalist I create Facebook highlight videos to provide teasers for full shows.

Japanese Pacifism Under Attack: Isabel Reynolds Highlight Video

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's party won a landslide victory on October 22, 2017. Isabel Reynolds discusses how his victory may affect the country's pacifist constitution in this highlight video I created for the Global Journalist Facebook.

Europe Battles Russian Hackers: Andrei Soldatov Highlight Video

Why has the Russian government been so bad at manipulating its own people on the Internet but so good at manipulating foreigners? In this Facebook highlight video I created for Global Journalist, Russian investigative journalist Andrei Soldatov, author of "The Red Web," provides insight into this matter.

Global Journalist: India's Air Pollution Crisis

With assistant producers Rayna Sims, Ailean Beaton and Edom Kassaye, I helped create this show for Global Journalist about India's extremely polluted air, a problem which has recently worsened considerably. For this show, the majority of my work included helping conduct background research on this issue, finding and pre-interviewing guests and creating slideshows to be played during the show.

India's Air Pollution Crisis: Vidhi Doshi Audiogram

Smog in New Delhi has reached levels nearly 30 times what the World Health Organization considers to be safe. According to the New York Times, that is the equivalent of smoking more than two packs of cigarettes a day. Vidhi Doshi, an India correspondent for the Washington Post, discusses what it's like to experience India's extremely polluted air in this audiogram I made for Global Journalist's Facebook page.


With producers Marlee Baldridge, Annmarie Welser and Kori Clay, I helped create a multimedia package about the conditions of bridges throughout Missouri and the repairs they require. This main video piece specifically focuses on a bridge in the small town of Glasgow, Missouri.